Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Golden Room


The word boudoir comes from French and means something like “lady’s dressing room,” although a "sulking room" is also given as a definition.  The adjective sulky describes someone who is feeling gloomy and despondent or even resentful.  This idea of a woman retreating to her private room has an erotic charge to it because there’s some indication that she’ll use her sexuality, if not as a weapon, then maybe as a toy.  Perhaps she’ll make her love interest jealous or just drive them a bit mad with anticipation.  She goes to her space, to the boudoir, to prepare herself for the art of seduction, and to lure her prey.  The woman in her sulking room is preparing to make her next move in the chess game of eroticism.  This darkly sexy look is at the heart of boudoir photography.

Neil Simmons Photography has the ultimate space for such photography.  Located in the Golden Room at the Golden Gate Villa, you have an ideal set to take on the role of the sultry and sulky vixen.  Built in 1891, this Victorian mansion exudes romance and was said to have been a place where people from Hollywood came to for parties during the silver screen era.  From the gold leaf on the walls to the onyx in the fireplace the room glimmers with materials that create an elegant atmosphere.  Miss California used to pose in front of the fireplace, and now you’ll have the chance to work your magic in one of the most interesting and lovely rooms in all of Santa Cruz.   

Simmons’ experience working with brides has given him the skills to get great shots, and he’s excited to be expanding into this new field of photography.  Always innovating in his work, Simmons is living a dream come true in this amazing location, and he’s ready to do exquisite boudoir photography with you.  Book your appointment, now!

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